FBA journey:  struggling for a product

I'm struggling for inspiration on an FBA product.

For what it's worth, this seems to be a very common problem.

I want to do private labeling; it seems to be the best way to generate real income through FBA. That said, there's a LOT of learning around FBA, and I'm starting to grow frustrated about not actually getting started yet and having products online. I analyse detail, and like to be careful and pragmatic in business, but at the same time, I am wary of being caught in "analysis paralysis". This has led me to look at 'retail arbitrage' (RA) as a way in; an opportunity to get to know the basic FBA systems, the labeling requirements etc, before diving in at the deep end.

Retail arbitrage is essentially finding a product on sale at one retailer which is selling for more on Amazon, buying the products, and quickly getting it on to Amazon. The Arbing Blog has a great worked example of this in action so I won't go into detail; he explains it very well.

I thought I'd found a product this week. A kids game. It was for sale for £25 with a retailer, and on Amazon (the only other listed retailer on the comparison app I was using) for £57. At first glance: ideal. However, upon further investigation, it revealed itself to be a no-go. Only 6 reviews on Amazon, and of them, only 2 were in the past 12 months. It also had a BSR of 105k. A bit disappointing, but I'm glad I've completed the first few steps on a potential product. Every failure is one closer to the success etc etc.

Coincidentally, I listened to podcast 165 of The Amazing Seller. It was a 'back to basics' on finding a product, and it's changed the way I've been thinking about FBA product sourcing. The main thing I took from it was the aim of building a MARKET, with a few products around a central theme, interest etc. I've got some ideas on this related to my physical shop and will be developing this with good old pad and paper in the coming weeks. Incidentally, I'd thoroughly recommend the Amazing Seller podcast, and this one in particular.

The quest continues...